mad stressin'

been mad stressin' lately on account of my painting skills not being up to par at work which leads to never being able to finish anything on account of constantly noodling with it in an attempt to fix/salvage it which leads to not wanting to paint realistically in my free time which leads to lots of super stylized sketches. they are relaxing on account of being able to tell when you are done with the picture and can move on. when it gets warmer i am going to go find some abandoned outdoor places and paint all over them, i think the kids call it graffiti these days. more pokemon later, i am taking a short break from them.


a.aeschbury said...

Fuck realism.

Your sketchbook is sweet.

Ross Velazquez said...

on account of you saying on account all the time I'm going to ask you to chill out for a minute

John Ariosa said...

"on account of" is the new "like"