HP Board

Are the "achievements" too nerdy of a reference? Does this look too much like the blackbird, or a gunmetal wii? Are those HP + symbols lame and tacky? Is the render quality too low? Will people be confused by the fallout screen? Is that name too goofy? Did I spell everything correctly? Is the orange in the voodoo logo too distracting? What am I forgetting? These are all things that will keep me awake at night this week.

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Brandon Leedy said...

I think the reference is alright, seems relative and not out of place. If you were to just look at the top, the tower has a wii feel to it, but as a whole, the tower reminds me of a bird on one foot. In fact, having a small bird feel might be the best reference to the blackbird itself. I could see this as a moderately priced model in the blackbird line. It speaks the blackbird language but takes it in a different direction. The screen, the icons, and the logo are fine.

Only one thing: The name seems a little off to me... but that's because I'm seeing this as a little cousin model to the BIG blackbird. I see "Aurora" in the blue light you used. But when I saw the shape of the "foot" and how the form looks like a bird with its wings tucked back, I thought falcon or valkyrie. I think Valkyrie would be fitting because Valkyries are mostly wing-ed and in mythology they decide who wins a battle.

But hey man, that's just me... and I care too much about names. I think the form looks tight and I love the idea that the tower is elevated. I'd buy it.