End of Year Roundup and Going Off the Grid

As a class we've been asked by Mike to evaluate our use of blogs this quarter, our goals, the HP studio and our Descom class with thoughts for the next quarter. I'm just going to mash it all together here and give some thoughts on the fall quarter and some ideas for the coming winter quarter to consider.

As far as my overall goals for the quarter went I feel as though I about broke even. I put together a portfolio I am actually halfway proud to show, I got a co-op job that I expect will be fun as well as informative and I escaped daap this quarter with only minor bodily harm. On the other hand I wasn't exactly thrilled with a lot of the classwork I put out and didn't spend nearly as much time as I had planned doing personal projects and/or improving my sketching/painting.

It was hard for me to really get excited about the HP studio from the get go. It was designing objects far from my area of interest or expertise for a brand I really have no emotional attachment to. I tried to just have some fun with it and come up with an unusual aesthetic solution. I was reasonably happy with the aesthetics and though my model came out well even though the "sustainable" aspects of it were pure bs. It didn't go over great in the critique but I was expecting that so no big deal. The main thing I would have done differently given the chance is wiser use of materials for my model building. I pretty much completely drained the bank on this project because of stupid mistakes and having to re-purchase materials to fix them. Overall good luck to the next section, it's going to be a grind but it's not the worst project we've had.

Descom this time around was by far one of the better experiences I've had with this class. Not just saying that to suck up either. Mike treated us professionally, gave us a huge amount of freedom in our work, gave insightful critiques and we had some TA's that gave consistently good feedback throughout. The low point was definitly the USB project, swapping this out for a packaging project would be a great idea. We almost never really touch on packaging or graphic design in our studios and it would be a great chance to flex those skills. Ramsey Ford's guest presentation was great but it came at the wrong end of the quarter. Everything he said would have been a huge help in the early stages of the HP project. If he is going to present for the other section I would try to get him in asap.
The blog aspect of descom was a nice addition to the class and unfortunately not many people kept up on theirs, or posted only the minimum. Blogs are a great way to keep yourself organized and articulate your thoughts in design and I hope that people in our studio keep up on them.
The main downfall of the class this quarter in my own work was mainly my lack of follow through on projects. With all of the freedom given on the subject of work we could do I would bit off more than I could chew and wind up having to turn in sub par work to meet the deadlines. This isn't really a fault of the class but just a reminder to myself of my really bad habit of short attention span and over-enthusiasm on some projects that has only gotten worse this quarter.

In the coming months I have a few things I hope to accomplish. First is to really get my ass in gear with drawing and painting regularly again. I feel as if this last quarter was just working off the rush built up from a lack of work over the summer and I am really only just not getting back to the level I as at nine months ago. This is pretty much unacceptable and I need to work practice back into my daily routine.
Secondly getting some solid content in for Lollipop Mafia. This project is kind of in it's infancy and nobody involved has really had the space time to put much work into it so far. We all have rather nebulous ideas for products and gear but haven't had the opportunity to nail anything down.
Lastly get a website up and running. Nothing super fancy, but something at least a tad bit more professional than blogger. I'm not sure how much of this can be accomplished as I don't think I will have a computer in a few weeks but layouts and content can always be created by hand.

Going off the grid. It looks as if my computer is finally giving up the ghost here (my ghetto-rigged cpu fan literally exploded last night and right now it's stripped down to its bones and sitting next to an open window) and my current (lack of) finances do not allow me to replace it. I am also going to be moving out of my apartment as well and staying with family for a week or two before moving to massachusets for the next several months so blogging and internetting and such is going to take a back seat to paying for rent and not starving. That being said I'll try to drop some fresh work on here if the opportunity arises but theres a very good chance that nothing is going to be posted till early April. That being said peace out and happy new years and all that.

Tl;Dr: The quarter was so-so, wont be online till April, samurai are awesome.

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