Environment Thumbnails

Thumbnails done for the Environment of the week competition at conceptart.org. The prompt is to pick a piece of literature and illustrate 5 environments from it. I went with Dune, because dune is awesome.

Great hall - The capital building of the planet dune and home of the ruling family. going for high vaulted mosque/cathedral look here, like that hagia sophia but less ornate and more functional.

Sheild Wall - well it's a wall in the desert, this is probably going to get replaced with something else, it's not very interesting.

sietch - home of desert dwelling fremen, trying to go for a pueblo cliffside thing here.

guildship interior - a giant analog spaceship filled with other spaceships, want to do something very modern industrial looking, lots of pipes and scaffolding.

Harkonen structure interior - i want to try for some soviet era color schemes meets viking archetchure, trying to stay away from the giger direction they took in the movie, even though it was really cool. These guys are the bad guys so their buildings would be fairly cold and unwelcoming.


Alison said...

Are these finished pieces, or are they works-in-progress?

John Ariosa said...

very rough wips, just to get ideas down