Descom Assignment 5 - Technology

Our new robot overlords

Most people have seen the "big dog" robot in action by now, the quadruped lawnmower sounding mule platform developed by Boston Dynamics. A robot that can dynamically adapt to obstacles and transverse difficult terrain sounds pretty neat. Unfortunately people have the tendency to try and make things cooler by strapping guns to them. Bad idea. A gps and solar power supply instillation later the only person who can stop them is Ahnold, and he's busy running California.

Lab Grown Organs (no embedded video, click link)

Basically regrowing organs from live cells around the framework of a dead organ or a synthetic material. A huge breakthrough for people in need of transplants if the genetic material is their own, lessening the risk of the body refusing the transplant. On the other hand you're probably going to get replicants or zombies at some point. Bad news.

Human Ingenuity (no video, remember how to read)

How people choose to use technology is in the end more important than any innovation that comes along. Amazing things can be done on shoestring budgets just because people are inspired and forced to adapt. I am a firm believer that the most impressive innovations are brought on by seemingly insurmountable obstacles and limited resources. Like Macgyver, but you'll be up against robots and replicants.

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