Descom - Assignment 1

This quarter for design communications keeping a blog has become a requirement. Since it sort of fits in with what I already have going here I'm just going to do it on this blog instead of creating a new one. Hopefully it will influence me to actually update this regularly with non-school content as well.

Assignment 1: Introduce yourself, talk about your design experiences and interests. List goals for the quarter.

My name is John Ariosa. I became seriously interested in design in early 2005 when I was getting ready to graduate from high school. I really had no idea what I wanted to do for a living, just that I wanted to enjoy doing it. Looking back over my life the one thing I had consistently enjoyed but was not necessarily good at was drawing so I basically looked for a way to incorporate that into a career and wound up in industrial design. After I had been in college for a few months I discovered the field of concept art and design and ever since then have been geared towards making that my career.

I have worked in a design position at two companies so far through the university of cincinnati's co-op program: K'nex and Crye Associates. While I learned valuable skills with both companies neither have been the kind of work I want to pursue for long term employment.

My first goal for the quarter would be to land a co-op job more attuned to my interests (at best a job in the conceptart industry, but basically anything where I will actually be able to draw not cad monkey-ing or fetching coffee). Other than that I'll settle for just surviving without going broke or getting hit by a car or having a heart attack biking up mlk to daap.

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