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If you want to dig through old stuff here feel free.
a couple of things I can show that have been previewed.

two speed painted units for tooth and nail: factions, whose kickstarter has only a few hours left, it's fully funded as of writing but you should still check it out and snag a copy while you still can. These guys are from a bonus faction for exceeding kickstarter funding and are desert dwelling war dogs.

also have a unit that was previewed for one of the new summoner wars expansion packs coming in september. summoner wars was my bread and butter freelance project for a while and I got really into doing these guys. The vargath are these lightning wielding, nordic inspired goat men and one of my favorite factions to illustrate.

the one on the left is the final art and the one on the right is super secret rejected art.

more art from mice and mystics that got previewed

the rule book and one of the campaigns for mice and mystics were previewed a little while ago so I suppose it's ok to show work that was included in them.

Player characters for mice and mystics and an illustration for the summoner wars "how it's played" video, hella stuff in the pipeline, stay tuned...

cover art for mice and mystics for Plaidhat games

and another in the same vein, not feeling it as much